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The Good Life with Michele Lamoureux is a top ranked global podcast for midlife women who want to live happier, healthier, and more meaningful lives – because frankly, you deserve it!

With hundreds of thousands of downloads, join the midlife women in over 80 countries who tune in every week for inspiration and tips. I share inspiring conversations with New York Times bestselling authors, world class experts, leading entrepreneurs as well as solocasts. Each week you will learn something to elevate an area of your life! I am so glad you're here!

Do you want to live your best midlife? You can!

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"To be a guest on Michele’s show feels like being welcomed into her home. She’s warm, attentive and knows how to make you feel comfortable. Even more important, is that she really prepares so the interview is a meaningful exchange. As a seasoned guest, it’s easy to know who does their homework and who is just winging it. Michele has high integrity and loves what she does. As a guest, you feel it."

- Laura Berman Fortgang, Pioneering Life Coach + Best-selling Author

"I love being a guest on Michele's show. She does her homework, she's genuinely curious, a world class listener, and exceptionally generous, always on the lookout for sharing something meaningful and transformational for her listeners. Every conversation I've had with Michele feels dynamic, flowing, alive and fun. A genuine pleasure. I'm a "yes" any time she asks."

- Lisa Genova, PhD, New York Times best-selling author + Neuroscientist

"I'm thrilled that I crossed paths with Michele. I had a fantastic experience as a guest on her show. She really does her research, is a fabulous interviewer, and a complete delight. I love that her show is focused on empowering women with information to live a life filled with joy and fulfillment. Michele is a complete inspiration and we need more women like her out there leading the way.”

—Liz Elting, Best-selling author + co-Founder of a Billion Dollar Company + CEO of the Elizabeth Elting Foundation 

"Being a guest on Michele Lamoureux's podcast was an amazing experience, as her genuine curiosity, attentive listening, and insightful questions created a safe space for me to share my story authentically, showcasing her exceptional hosting skills. I highly recommend her show to anyone looking to make a meaningful impact and engage in thought-provoking conversations!"

- Stacy Madison, Founder of Stacy's Pita Chips and BeBOLD bars

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