You may have experienced burnout. According to our guest, there is a spectrum and on one end a spa visit or a break may help but on the other end, your commitment to work will dominate your existence and in some cases will be a tipping point to depression or worse. Kelly Swingler experienced burnout twice as a highly successful corporate executive. The first time it made her very ill and the second time it nearly cost her her life. She shares her story and ways to manage your life to avoid burnout. This is an important conversation with an expert who has made it her life’s work to help others prevent and/or stop burnout.

*This is a podcast interview and not intended to be mental health advice. Please consult with your trusted healthcare professional for your health-related questions.


  1. What is burnout.
  2. Stacy’s story of burnout twice. The first time put her in and out of the hospital for 7 months. The second time nearly killed her.
  3. Why she is on a mission to educate others about burnout and to help prevent it.
  4. How her 12-year old twin boys became her wake-up call.
  5. How burnout can you leave you not thinking clearly.
  6. Three things for everyone to think about for prevention and recovery
    • Who are you? Who are presenting to be? Which parts are you fearful to present? Identity drives everything we do. Core values, core beliefs.  Keep asking “Who are you?” when in dialogue.  Go as deep as you can.
    • 2. Implement boundaries. Ex, I need to leave every day to have dinner with my family at 6pm.
    • 3. Set aside time for things that make you happy and have that dedicated time in your calendar.





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Kelly Swingler is the Executive Burnout Coach, for C-Suite leaders who are ready to regain control of their lives and create the time, space, and energy for the things that matter. Because when leaders are happy and healthy, they live happier and healthier lives and they create Anti-Burnout Workplaces that people love.

As a lifelong high-achieving, over-performing, recovering perfectionist who thrives under pressure, Kelly knows a thing or two about stress and jeopardising your wellbeing. She reached Burnout twice and has spent the last 9 years creating strategies and techniques to stop her, and her clients from burning out again.

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