We all experience anxiety but it doesn’t have to stop us from pursuing a joyful and meaningful life. Dr. Luana Marques and I delve into her recently published book,”Bold Move”. She shares some actionable strategies, including her three-step plan to transform anxiety into power. A mental health expert and Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Luana helps us create self-awareness, reminds us of the importance of understanding our core values, and how to begin to take courageous actions, even if that means one small step at a time. We are encouraged to step out of our comfort zones and pursue what matters to us by making a bold move.

*This is a podcast interview and not intended to be mental health advice. Please consult with your trusted healthcare professional for anything dealing with your mental and physical health.


  1. The percentage increase in anxiety since Covid (it was high but got significantly higher).
  2. Why our usual ways of coping are no longer working and how anxiety differs from depression.
  3. Her story growing up in poverty and witnessing domestic violence.
  4. How she broke the generational cycle of trauma and ended up at Harvard.
  5. Why anxiety makes us go to catastrophic thinking/worse case scenarios.
  6. What our superpower is and how to use it.
  7. How anxiety can keep us stuck and what to do instead. Sometimes the answer is to do the opposite action instead of running away form it.
  8. The importance of identifying our avoidance patterns.
  9. How aligning our core values with our actions can help us.
  10. The value of writing down what is making us anxious to better understand the situation triggering the anxiety, and much more.


Website: https://drluana.com/

Book: Bold Move: A 3-Step Plan to Transform Anxiety into Power

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Dr. Luana Marques is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School; Past-President of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA); Author, Bold Move: A 3-Step Plan to Transform Anxiety into Power (HarperOne).

Empowered by psychology and her personal life experience, renowned mental health expert, educator, and author Dr. Luana is passionate about teaching people to transform their lives. Informed by her personal journey and two decades as professor and researcher at Harvard Medical School, she coaches individuals to live their best lives by rewiring the way they think, feel, and behave. Dr. Luana is a master at converting her clinical research findings and evidence-based practices into vibrant insights and practical tools for individuals, community organizations, C-level leaders, and international corporations.

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