Deeannah Seymour, the Founder of pH-D® Feminine Health is back on the show to share a female entrepreneur’s perspective on how to tap into your inner wisdom to let it guide you towards a life and business you love. Too often women are riddled with self doubt and as Deeannah says in this interview – “How many women are sitting on a million dollar idea that they aren’t acting on?” We discuss how your inner voice (both the wise knowing part and the parts that want to hold you back) speak to you and how to amplify and get connected to the wise voice while quieting the doubting mind. If you are feeling stuck and looking to lean into faith, then you’ll love this week’s interview!

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  1. Why Deeannah prays and meditates every morning for 15-30 minutes.
  2. How to get connected to your wise inner knowing.
  3. How to ask for guidance from God (the Universe/Higher Knowing) and actually receive the messages.
  4. The importance of finding stillness in our lives in order to cultivate a relationship with our inner wisdom.
  5. How self-doubt will pop up and how to navigate it.
  6. The importance of surrounding yourself with a supportive community you trust.
  7. Why exercising, usually in the form of running is like a meditation to her and how it is essential to her well-being.
  8. The feminine way to lead and use faith to guide success.


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The Tethered Soul by Michael Singer

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Unsatisfied with the lack of holistic feminine hygiene and wellness products on the market, Deeannah Seymour founded pH-D® Feminine Health in 2014 with the introduction of the brand’s best-selling boric acid suppositories. Having spent two decades in the pharmaceutical industry, she wanted a better alternative for women– and it had to be backed by research. She examined dozens of clinical studies on the use of boric acid vaginal suppositories to help with feminine care and decided to make them available to the millions of women like herself who needed them.Deeannah partnered with Vireo, Inc. a manufacturer of holistic products for people and pets. Vireo began making and distributing pH-D Feminine Health Boric Acid Suppositories, and it was an instant success becoming the top-selling product in its category on Amazon.Today, pH-D has successfully helped millions of women while becoming one of the top-selling feminine hygiene brands. An independently held, woman-owned and women-run business, pH-D Feminine Health’s suppositories have been so successful that one bottle is sold every 30 seconds. The brand is available nationwide at over 34,000 retail locations including Walgreens, Publix, CVS, Target, Walmart, Kroger, Meyers, Dollar General and more.

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