Have you ever felt like there was more you were supposed to do and become? If so, then today’s show is for you. My guest was a risk-averse, single mother of two when she left a great job with amazing benefits to launch her own company. Deanna Seymour is the Founder of pH-D Feminine Health which became the #1 best-selling product in its category on Amazon within a year of launch. But it was a life-changing decision that proved to her just how strong she is and that she could create a bigger vision for her life. Deeannah tells the inspiring story on the show today and shares how you too can follow your intuition and live a purposeful life. The show notes are at https://thegoodlifecoach.com/031

Key Takeaways

  • Obstacles arrive in our lives to call us to change direction. 
  • When you are going through a difficult time, take some time to soul search and see what message and information is available to you.
  • Deeannah learned more from failures than from her successes.
  • If you experience fear, embrace it – have “Faith over Fear” so you can become stronger.

Deeannah’s 3 Best Tips for Living a Good Life:

  1. Trust your gut and intuition.
  2. We are a work in progress. Stay open to learning something new. Extend grace to yourself and others.
  3. Embrace fear and pay attention to it. Understand that it is there for a purpose and it is getting us to learn something new. Embrace the obstacles as that may be God’s way to change your course.

Resources Mentioned

Michele’s Freebie

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