“If you really want to stand out, say something no one else has, in a way that only you can.” – Terri Trespicio

If you are an entrepreneur, health or life coach, a business owner, work in a professional services company, or any industry where you need to be able to stand out from your competition, then you’ll want to tune in today as Terri Trespicio is going to teach us how to stand out from the crowd! Terri is an award-winning writer, a stand-up comic, and a TEDx talker with more than 4 million views. A former magazine editor and radio host at Martha Stewart, she has appeared on the Today show, Dr. Oz, The Early Show, The Martha Stewart Show and The Anderson Cooper Show. Her work has been featured Oprah magazine, Marie ClaireJezebel,Prevention, Business Insider, Forbes.com, and Inc.com. The show notes are at thegoodlifecoach.com/030

Key Takeaways:

IT ALL STARTS WITH THE MESSAGE.  Why are you doing what you do?  The answer can’t be because you like it.

The fact is that there are thousands of people that do what you do.  The key is to identify not just what makes you different but to create copy that resonates with your audience.  People try to make nice sounding copy that makes them sound smart – BUT the audience only cares how it helps them.

People use the words everyone else uses.  You need to use the words that are unique to your customers. Your website shouldn’t be a mirror in which you see yourself it should be a mirror of people seeing themselves. 

When you ask: What do I do?, What do I offer?, What are my services? – these aren’t your brand.  This is your job.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Write a scene from your life and your work because it felt so good to help the person.  Make it as descriptive as possible.  Take yourself out of the “marketing mind.”  Forget “what you do for a minute.”  Read it out loud to someone who loves you.  Just ask that they mirror back what they liked about it.
  2. What you think what you offer is something different than what you offer – this is the promise of what you do.
  3. Write down ways you can serve: Asl – “What if I could?”  or “What if we could?”  “What if I could help someone look in the mirror and love what they see?” 
  4. The idea funnel.  Write down what the assumptions are that your clients/customers have about your business/service/product. 
  5. Then look at the risks of them not using you.  Go deep when writing.
  6. Conflict.  Where is the rub?  This is what I’m struggling with.
  7. Discovery – what do I do about what you just brought up?
  8. Application – how do I say it in plain english?

How to craft a talk: — Ask yourself:

What do you believe about the world where you can challenge other people’s thinking for their own good. How can you shift my thinking on this topic so I feel better about myself?  This is about is story-telling+crafting a good idea.

Terri’s 4 Best Tips for Standing Out:

  1. Go deep into what you are doing.  Write to discover and to please.
  2. Choose your social platforms carefully. If you like Instagram, start doing videos on there. People hire you because of the evidence of what you are like.  Use linkedin for video and content.
  3. Don’t hoard your genius – don’t be afraid of to share your thoughts because you are afraid people will steal your stuff.
  4. Call out who don’t want to work with.

Resources Mentioned

Get Terri’s – 25 Questions to Your Next Big Idea – click HERE


Chris Anderson – Ted Talk The Official Ted Guide to Public Speaking

Seth Godin – “This is Marketing” 

Austin Kleon “Steal Like an Artist

“The Creative Habit” by Twila Tharp

Elizabeth Gilbert – Big Magic

Terri’s TEDx talk, “Stop Searching for Your Passion,” has earned more than 4 million views. 

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