Self-care is about the Mind, Body, and Spirit – it is about maintaining your power in the world as a woman. For Deeannah, it is a daily practice. She got committed to her self-care when she had a health crisis triggered by intense stress. Deeannah made exercising a priority but also incorporated a few other key strategies. Tune in to hear her story and learn ideas for you to incorporate to make yourself a priority – you deserve it! Show notes are at

We Discuss:

  1. How getting hives was the wake-up call Deeannah needed.
  2. How she finds time to get her workouts in and how doing that in community can be a great way to have accountability to keep you motivated.
  3. What keeps her grounded and how you can do this as well.
  4. The benefits of being grateful and making it a daily practice.
  5. The importance of finding the time to decompress.
  6. Mindset tips necessary to make yourself a priority.
  7. Bonus: Mindset tip on how she became a 7-figure entrepreneur.

Deeannah’s top tip for making yourself a priority.

  • Gratitude. Start and end your day by focusing on the good in your life. Don’t wait until life is perfect for getting focused on yourself. Start today. Don’t wish your time away. Live in the here and now.

Resources + Books Mentioned:

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