Today, we are discussing brain health because, sadly, 1 out of 2 people by the time they are 85 years old will have Alzheimer’s.  There are lifestyle changes we can make, and today on the show is Dr. Heather Sandison to share her expertise.  Dr. Sandison is a Naturopathic Doctor with expertise in neurocognitive medicine and neurohacking.  She has been trained to specifically address imbalances that affect the brain including Autism, ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, and Alzheimer’s.  She has trained with Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD, the author of “The End of Alzheimer’s.” SO many great tips in this episode.  Please share it with anyone you know who would benefit from this information.  All of the show notes can be found at

*This information is not intended serve as medical advice. It is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace your relationship with your doctor or trusted healthcare providers.*

We Discuss:

  1. Dr. Sandison’s personal lifestyle habits include: She eats 100% orgnanic; exercises; drives the coast every day to see the ocean; learns new things – like a language; drinks 24 ounces of water every morning; eats seasonally; and consumes an anti-inflammatory diet.

Dale Breseden’s 6 different pathways to mental decline:

  1. Toxicity – we live in a toxic world.  
  2. Inflammation – why – what caused it
  3. Glyco-toxicity – too much sugar
  4. Atrophic – estrogen, vitamin D, progesterone, testosterone, hormones need to be in balance – they send the signals to make new pathways
  5. Vascular – kink in your neck – not getting blood flow – having small strokes, heart issues.  Blood flow being blocked to different areas.  Sleep
  6. Traumatic brain injuries

Dr. Sandison’s 3 Best Tips for Living a Good Life:

  1. Sleep, exercise (moving meditation) and diet
  2. Mediation
  3. Relationships 

Resources + Books Mentioned:

North County Natural Medicine – Dr. Sandison
The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline by Dale Breseden
Montreal Online Cognitive Assessment – to test brain health
Michael Pollan book
Duo Lingo
IG for Dr. Sandison
Michele on Instagram

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