Learn to live life fully by embracing meditation and mindfulness, with renowned yogi meditation teacher, Rebecca Pacheco. We discuss key tips from her most recent book, “Still Life” where she shares the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, while also exploring the myths that keep one from beginning a practice. If you’ve been wanting to learn how to get started or to get back into it, you will love this interview!

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  1. Rebecca’s book, “Still Life” and many of the tips she shares in the book.
  2. The myths of what meditation is supposed to be like and how that holds us back from forming a practice. 
  3. How stillness nourishes the mind and movement can heal the body.
  4. How Rebecca started a yoga practice when she was young because it helped her manage worry.
  5. The many benefits of mediation and what a daily practice can look like, including having a walking meditation.
  6. How 20 minutes a day of meditation is great but in the beginning even 5 minutes is great.
  7. Making jewelry, adult coloring, and the things that help you slow down can be your mindfulness practice.
  8. She shares Buddha’s story.
  9. Meditation is the formal practice of sitting still, whereas mindfulness spans our entire day.
  10. Mindfulness says “you are already enough as you are, right now.”


“Still Life: The Myths and Magic of Mindful Living” Rebecca’s book

Rebecca is @omgal on social media.

Rebecca’s website with all the details about her book.

Sara Lazar – Tedx talk on benefits of meditation on the brain

Michele on Instagram


Rebecca Pacheco is the author of Do Your Om Thing, which was named one of the “top ten yoga and meditation books every yogi needs” by Yoga Journal and is used in teacher training programs across the United States. Previously, she founded and wrote the award-winning blog Om Gal (2008-2015). She’s the creator of the Runner’s World Yoga Center as well as videos for Women’s Health. She has appeared on NPR, has been featured in Forbes and The Huffington Post, and frequently contributes to the Boston Globe, covering a range of topics, from wellness to the natural world, culture and creative life, mindfulness amidst chaos, and parenting in the present. She lives in Boston with her family, where she enjoys stillness and movement in equal measure. You can connect with her @omgal.

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