Navigating the challenges of life requires support. Two years of living through this pandemic created another level of needing meaningful connection. Deborah Heiser, is on the show to discuss how to cultivate a true support system of women to champion you in your business and personal life. Deborah is an Applied Developmental Psychologist and this is a must listen for all women. Be sure to share it with a friend. All of the show notes can be found at Sign up for weekly inspiration while on my website. Look forward to connecting!


  1. The importance of creating a team to support you in business and life.
  2. How to create an emotional support group.  It can be just two people.  The key is that it needs to be about giving and receiving.
  3. Why it is important to have a goal for your group even if it is just two people. 
  4. How you will benefit from one another doing well.
  5. How the group can help you overcome imposter syndrome.
  6. Why community is linked to longevity.
  7. The importance of community to thrive during hard times, and more.


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