“Surround yourself with believers.” – Stacy Madison
Stacy Madison is the Founder of Stacy’s Pita Chips. She started her business with a food cart selling sandwiches and that grew into her internationally known brand of chips. Her company sold to PepsiCO. Stacy attributes being BOLD to her success and has launched her most recent venture, BeBOLD bars – a healthy energy bar. Learn from this leading female entrepreneur about how to go for your dreams! We go deep in this interview and unpack lots of wisdom from Stacy including what traits she believes you need in order to create success. Lots of fun in this conversation – it will feel like hanging with friends while learning about business and life! All of the show notes can be found at While on the site, join our community to receive more inspiration and tips to love yourself and get a FREE copy of Michele’s Book, Design a Life You Love.


  1. What it means to be BOLD.
  2. Why Stacy launched a food cart in Boston selling sandwiches and left her job as a social worker.
  3. How the pita chips became a product.
  4. Why she decided to double down on the pita chips and let go of the sandwich business.  
  5. How she managed being a single mother to twin girls while scaling her business.
  6. A major challenge she faced and how she overcame it.
  7. How she built the business to $65 million in revenue.
  8. The traits she thinks women need to create success on their terms.
  9. Her advice on the importance of being bold to create success.
  10. Why she launched her BeBOLD bars, and much more.


  1. Put yourself first.  It’s okay to be selfish because you are going to be better for helping others.
  2. If you don’t know what to do, sit on it.  Sometimes just waiting is best and then you are glad you did’t make a decision you’ll later regret.  Whether in business or personally.  
  3. Always ask yourself “What’s stopping me?”  It could be one small thing and it helps you to move on.  You have to find the bottlenecks.



Stacy Madison founded Stacy’s Pita Chip Company, a top-selling natural snack food brand. It started with a career change from social work, to a strong desire to create delicious healthy food. Then, an entrepreneurial spirit and a small food cart in Boston used to sell pita sandwiches. As an incentive to keep people happily waiting in line, she baked pita chips each day using extra pita bread and gave them away to customers. She then decided to package and start selling the chips to local stores. The company experienced rapid growth and became a top-selling international snack food brand. After several years of traveling, she decided to open Stacy’s Juice bar. Stacy’s Juicebar began to sell hundreds of raw energy bars each month. The growing demand inspired Stacy to manufacture and market the bars nationwide. Stacy’s newest venture is BeBOLD Bars. BeBOLD Bars are healthy energy bars made with nutritious nut butters, oats, chocolate chips, chia, brazil nuts, walnuts, dark maple syrup, and wildflower honey. Wrapping simple ingredients and delicious flavors into one great bar.

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