My guest today is Suzanne Kingsbury the Founder of The Gateless Methodology, which is a combination of brain science, radical nurturing, and embracing what’s good in your work. We discuss ways to manage anxiety, depression, sleep, as well as how to reconnect to your higher self to gain clarity about your future. All of the show notes can be found at

Suzanne is a best-selling author. The agent who sold Memoirs of a Geisha and Cold Mountain sold her book to Scribner for one of the biggest deals of the year for a first novelist, foreign rights were coming, and film options were on the way.  Her writing dreams had suddenly come alive. And in the years ahead, she realized her bigger calling was to help new writers experience the sweetness of publishing success.

We Discuss:

We have to be kind to ourselves because the whole world as a collective energy is in fight or flight.  Her suggestions for managing the anxiety:

  1. Be kind to the self.
  2. Resourcing of the self to have more agency.  Use trusted sources to keep yourself clear-headed.  For resource only vs to augment the fear. 
  3. One thing we should do before dreaming into our future is to assess the now.  What’s good now? Ex, My body is healthy.  A focus on gratitude and appreciation.  The world is focused on dis-ease -so it is helpful to balance it with what’s working.  Once you have that in place you have created the space to write.
  4. Writing is a miracle. It creates agency.  It is a way to have a relationship with the self.  The thoughts are everywhere.   You can do whatever you want with the writing.  
  5. Make lists.  Make a list of what you want to do in the future.  Ex, I would love to go on a trip to Morocco.  It doesn’t matter where that list goes.  The fact that it is written is a direct communication with the divine and it is a bridge to the higher self.  That alone can make someone feel lighter.

“One of the exercises is to allow the fear to speak.  Allow it to be its own character.  I am afraid, I don’t think it is going to end.  Let the fear speak even if it feels very mean.  Give it space so it morphs into something else.  You become compassionate to it because you can hear it.  You are creating a personal relationship with your fear. After that you can begin connecting to a higher self for clearer direction on our purpose.” -Suzanne Kingsbury

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