A Poem by Michele Lamoureux written November 2020

What If?

What if we stepped into our greatness without hesitation?

What if we didn’t buy into a model of success that is defined by number of followers or how well we are known?

What if we didn’t lose our authentic voice while trying to emulate what we “THINK” we should say or do because it has worked for others?

What if we didn’t support the system that rewards people for their celebrity versus their contribution?

What if we spoke our truth unapologetically?

What if we loved ourselves enough to fully show up every day knowing we were worthy from the moment we were born?

What if we followed what brings us joy as a priority?

What if we didn’t believe in competition with others but understood we live in an abundant world?

What if we spent more time being present to ourselves and those we loved than we spent on our devices?

What if we believed at our core that we are an expression of love here to remember love and be the embodiment of love?

What if we realized that we are all one and the idea of separateness is an illusion?

What if we stopped working so hard proving who we are and allowed ourselves to BE who we are?

What if we worked together to make the world a place full of love?

What if we spent more time listening to and acting on our internal voice (our connection to the divine) than we spent looking to the outer world to define how far we could soar?

What if we realized that we’ve already arrived?

What if…