What does it mean to be a mentor? As a mentoring and leadership expert, Dr. Ruth Gotian has written for Forbes, Psychology Today, and more. Ruth studies some of the highest achieving people in the world – from Olympians to Nobel Prize winners.  Ruth believes that mentors are vital, and she is currently working on a book about the 35 best places to find a mentor. Her actionable tips will help you find the support you need to achieve your full potential. All of the show notes can be found at thegoodlifecoach.com/106.


  1. What are the four pillars of success and how can you incorporate them in your life
  2. Why you’ll burn out if you don’t schedule time for your passions
  3. What traits highly successful people have in common 
  4. How to figure out what anchors you
  5. How to conduct a “passion audit”
  6. How to initiate and maintain networking conversations
  7. The difference between coaching and mentoring
  8. How to find or become a mentor
  9. Why you need a team of mentors
  10. Why you’re never too old to have a mentor and never too young to be one


  1. Don’t worry about doing things later in life, it may be the absolute right time to do it
  2. A lot of people worry about achieving success, but success is a moving target. The top is not as crowded as most people think.
  3. Be someone who can be trusted.


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