It’s time to wake up, Michele.  Pay attention to your life and what you want.”

This was the voice inside that hit me like a ton of bricks a couple of weeks ago.  WAKE UP!

I turn 50 in a couple of months.  There is nothing like a milestone birthday combined with a trip “home” visiting with your parents to see things with fresh eyes.

Looking at the same house I grew up in.  My bedroom that is now the office. The family room which was once a porch. The updated kitchen. All of the changes that happen within a home over the years.  

And yet, some of the things that are exactly the same — like the dining table with the decorative cloth.  The bushes that line the steps leading up to the front door.  The two stone pots filled with vibrant geranium plants.  The cup of tea that my mom knows how to perfectly make every time or the helpful advice my Dad is ready with at the asking.  The place where I grew up with people I love — that shaped the woman I would become. 

At different points in your life you wake up just a little more.

You no longer date the jerks, or tolerate the friends who are really not friends, or accept the salary/payment that doesn’t reflect your contribution.  You awaken and grow and ask for more from yourself, of others, of life.  

Some people can meet you where you are as they are evolving too, and others fall away from your reality because they are still in their same patterns. Sometimes that’s painful and sometimes it’s like a huge weight being lifted off your shoulders.

What’s happening?  You are simply becoming more of you.  

Here’s the thing — every decision we make, every dream we have, every goal we set, every compromise we make, every excuse, every moment we let go by in distraction instead of staying present to the moment and the futures we want to wake up in — this creates our reality.  

So what that meant for me, is the areas where I’ve been clear and awake, I have designed a beautiful life.  A loving husband of 18 years — two great kids — one I birthed and one bonus child.  A home in a warm climate near the ocean.  The areas where I’ve not paid attention to, well, there is work to be done because there are more dreams to realize and more waking up to do.     
So, then, how do you own your voice?  How do you show up for yourself?  How do you create the dreams you desire?  How do you even begin to dream again when maybe you’ve lost yourself completely?  

It all starts with curiosity which leads to clarity about what you really want. Once you have that then you take one baby step, followed by one action and then by another and so on.  

It requires faith and self-love.  It requires support.

I launched my podcast two years ago with the intention of inviting women to own their desires and dreams and to provide that support through stories and actionable tips.

The podcast is waking up along with me.  One change is the name of the show which I’ll share next year.  It’s all still in the works.

So, if you have yet to subscribe to the show please do so now so when the name changes you’ll automatically get the latest episode.  You can do so here on apple podcasts or on your favorite podcast player.  If you are on your phone, do it now.  I really want to support you if this resonates.

I am not sure if what I am writing today is going to “land”, but I have a feeling for many of you, it will.  You are and have been in the process of waking up, just like me.  Of owning your voice.  Your power,  Your gifts.  Of reclaiming what makes you uniquely you and wanting to be that in the world.  To let people really see you.  Please know I support you in all of your dreams.  I know they can manifest.  I believe in you and I also know if the dream has been planted within you then you already have the gifts to realize them. With love, Michele



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