What would you do if you were a new mom and your child was diagnosed with a hearing disability? Would you accept a doctor setting limits on your child before their life had even begun? Well, Janice Lintz the CEO of Hearing Access and Innovations organically launched her company as a result of her advocacy of her daughter and the millions of other people that live with hearing loss.  She’s reached out to everyone from the Queen of England to Barack Obama. It’s an inspiring story that you’ll want to hear.  All of the show notes can be found at Visit Michele on IG at Michele_Lamoureux and leave any comments about this interview. I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Why it is important to go to the head of an organization if you want to make change.
  2. Why you need to be organized and persistent to impact change.
  3. How a mother’s determination can make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions.
  4. Common misconceptions about hearing loss.
  5. The three types of sound needed to accommodate to reach everyone on the hearing loss spectrum.
  6. How to leverage one success to the next.
  7. How Janice used Frequent Flyer points to travel to 194 countries, territories and unrecognized nations and much more.


  1. Just live your life. Don’t listen to other people. Do you what you want.
  2. Surround yourself with smart people who will life you up.
  3. Go to lectures to meet interesting people and find a like-minded community of friends.


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