The United States has ranked #1 in anxiety at a time where anxiety is at an all time high around the world. Dr. Alison Escalante is on to help us avoid all of the “Shouldstorms” we find ourselves in which leads to greater anxiety. She has a three step process that she teaches us to unhook from anxiety, get grounded in the moment so that you can make choices without always feeling like you are doing it wrong. This episode is especially helpful for parents as Alison is a pediatrician. All of the show notes can be found at


  1. What is contributing to the growing rates of anxiety
  2. Why some level of anxiety is actually healthy
  3. What anxiety looks like in children and how to help them
  4. Why anxious parents raise anxious kids
  5. Why one in three kids are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder by the time they are 18
  6. Alison’s 3 step approach we can all use that only takes minutes


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