Are you currently saving money and amassing wealth or are you living paycheck to paycheck? Whether you are a stay at home, have a career, don’t know much about how to manage money, or are great at it but always love learning more — there is something in this interview for you. Jennifer Barrett is on to discuss her new book, “Think Like a Breadwinner,” a wealth-building manifesto for women. Who doesn’t want to build wealth… but the real question is ‘are you’? Jennifer tells us why women haven’t been accustomed to thinking like a breadwinner, even when they are one. How and why it’s so important to shift our mindsets to one of a breadwinner. She also provides tactical tips and relatable stories in this conversation to empower you to secure your financial future and rely on yourself even if you have a spouse. The days of waiting to be rescued are over as you are the heroine of your story. We cover so much in this empowering conversation! Tune in now and you can access the show notes at

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  1. How women are taught to budget, save for a rainy day, and find a partner instead of being taught how to think about our long term vision and retirement.  We need to be building wealth all along the way.
  2. We need to plan as if we are going to be solely responsible for ourselves and our families for the rest of our lives.
  3. Why men are given expansive thoughts for their financial capabilities more often then women.
  4. How things are changing where more women are breadwinners than ever before.
  5. Why the conventional breadwinner model was pervasive through the 20th century and how that’s created no real models for women.  Most women just assume they will be the main caregivers.
  6. We are vulnerable if we are depending on someone else.  Even if you think you’ll be married for life it is important you make choices for your future.
  7. Women are ambitious with their careers but we need to be ambitious and expansive with our thinking when it comes to our finances.
  8. The role that the media plays in how women perceive their potential in regard to finances and creating wealth.
  9. The role that parents play in teaching their sons and not their daughters about investing and other matters related to finances.
  10. Why it’s important to be informed if you decide to “off ramp” from your work to stay at home with your kids and why it may not be that easy to “on ramp” when you are ready
  11. How to find community and support other women and much more.   

Tactical steps:

  1. Earn as much as you can for the role you are in if you are working.  Check your salary in your area of expertise.   Check, — quantify the value you bring so you are prepared to negotiate the best salary and close the wage gap.  Your income is the springboard for wealth building.
  2. Use every paycheck to become less dependent on your next paycheck.  Invest it – put some in savings and some in the market.
  3. Visualize – write down where you want to be in 3 years from now and write out the entire day in visceral details.  Where do you want to be and what do you want to be doing?  Make it real for yourself to get into the energetic space of what you want.  Cut out pictures and visualize the future you desire.  Do it twice a year and write the list as if it is in the present tense.  Make your choices based on your values.



Jennifer Barrett is the Chief Education Officer at Acorns, a saving and investing app with more than 9 million users. She’s also the author of the new book “Think Like a Breadwinner,” a wealth-building manifesto for women, available for pre-order now from Penguin RandomHouse. A contributor to Forbes, she’s also written about money for publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and Newsweek. Jennifer has co-authored two other personal finance books and is a TEDx speaker on women, wealth and breadwinning. She also advises three female-led startups and provides leadership coaching to female founders. Before joining Acorns, she was Personal Finance Editor at CNBC Digital, a GM at Hearst Digital, and Editor in Chief at DailyWorth, a financial media startup targeting women. A proud breadwinner herself, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two sons.

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