What does it mean to be a modern breadwinner? In today’s episode, financial expert Jennifer Barrett gives women actionable steps to create a new model of wealth. Jennifer is the chief education officer at Acorns, a financial wellness app with over 8.2 million users. Through her TEDx talk and former media roles, including personal finance editor at CNBC, Jennifer is an expert at helping women shift their money mindsets and take control of their finances. Her new book “Think Like a Breadwinner” will be available in 2021. All of the show notes can be found at thegoodlifecoach.com/105.


1.     How to adopt a breadwinner mindset instead of focusing on earning money or budgeting

2.     How we can move towards closing the wage gap

3.     Why investing is a lot less complex than you might think, and why you should get started as soon as possible

4.     Jennifer’s tip for the “single smartest thing” you can do with your money

5.     How to teach children about spending mindfully through daily learning moments

6.     How to handle splitting finances with a spouse

7.     Why it’s important to teach girls how to invest, not just how to budget

8.     How we can own our own power as women by rejecting traditional gender roles surrounding money 

9.  Why wanting more money isn’t being selfish


  1. Live your values – sit down and list out what your top values are and lay out a vision for your future
  2. Know where your dollars are going and make sure they’re bringing you the value you want – For any choice you make with your money, ask “Is this bringing me closer to the future I want? Or taking me farther away?”
  3. See every paycheck as an opportunity to be less dependent on your future paychecks – Take as much as you can from every check and invest so it can start growing. The harder your money works for you the less you have to work for your money, and that is financial freedom.


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