I can’t believe we are at episode 100!  When I launched this podcast nearly two years ago it was with a desire to share stories of what’s possible in a woman’s life.  To invite other women to feel inspired and realize that if something is possible for one person it is possible for you as well. All of the show notes can be found at

What You’ll Learn:

Now, this path isn’t easy.  It requires self-reflection, courage, and action.  What I can tell you after interviewing 99 guests is that success leaves clues.  So today, let me leave you with the top 6 themes I’ve uncovered from interviewing women who feel aligned with their lives, who are living on purpose and with purpose.  

  1. A focus on gratitude – being grateful for what they have even when they didn’t have much good in their lives
  2. Prioritizing who and what is important to them.  In other words their dreams take center stage as do the people in their lives that matter most. 
  3. Pursuing their dreams and believing they are worthy of their dreams.  They put logic aside and trust their intuition even when it doesn’t make any sense to do that.  The results speak for themselves.  That inner belief and faith takes them on a path where magic happens – synchronicities, life feeling aligned and flowing vs like you are swimming upstream.
  4. These women practice self-care and prioritize their well-being.  They know that without their health and caring for their body, mind and spirit they will only be able to go so far.
  5. They surround themselves with people who lift their spirits and feed their souls.  People who champion them and want the best – not the energy vampires or the friends that try to hold them back.
  6. They live by their calendars and schedule everything, including meals and workouts.  
  7. They don’t let fear or uncertainty stop them. They have faith that if the follow what is in their hearts and put in the work, the people, the information, the answers and opportunities will reveal themselves.

If you find that you aren’t sure where you are going, I invite you to spend the time to journal and pay attention. To wake up to what is true for you.  

I have learned from coaching women that there are three main areas that holds women back:

1. Lack of clarity of vision – so take the time to get clear.

2. Fear – fear of failure, of success, of making mistakes, looking foolish, etc – everyone experiences fear but the women who are living their lives by design are acknowledging the fear and moving forward anyway

3. Women tend to give up too early.  They want instant results, validation, and even permission that they are worthy enough to receive what they want.  So know that with so many of these “success” stories, they are a decade in the making.  Be willing to show up every day and take consistent action.  Really become a conscious co-creator in your life.  

Hosting this show has been one of the most meaningful and joyful projects of my life.  And that is why I have gratitude to you when you tune in, reach out with feedback, share the show and review it on your favorite podcast player.  All of this keeps me inspired to serve more and do better.


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