How do we keep evolving even in uncertain times? Joining us is executive coach Marie Elena Rigo who shares insights and exercises to help you ideate, grow, and keep reaching for your dreams. Marie Elena draws on her masters in spiritual psychology and years of experience as president and CEO of MER Leadership Design to bring you easy-to-apply tips for being an active part of your own evolution. All of the show notes can be found at


  1. How you can embrace what is possible, even during uncertain times
  2. Simple but powerful questions to ask yourself when finding and following your passion – from what you bring to the beach to what others see as your strengths
  3. How to dance with impossibility and move one step closer to your dreams
  4. An effective exercise for getting clarity on your ideal future
  5. How to find the courage to take action
  6. How to adopt a growth mindset towards life and embrace what the universe has in store
  7. Why you should never stop ideating 


  1. Make self-care a priority – We have to care for ourselves first in order to be of service to others.
  2. Learning orientation to life – Take everything that’s happening to you and make it happen for you. Learn and grow from it, knowing that all is conspiring in your favor even if it feels negative at the time.
  3. It’s never too late to iterate and follow your intuition


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