What skills do you have that could provide value to others? Self-proclaimed “sales ninja” Laura Wright is here to help you go from selling yourself short to selling your way to success.   As a master coach, author, and the founder of Epic Sales, Laura Wright’s results have been just that – nothing short of epic.  She went from being over $500,000 in debt during the recession in 2008 to owning a seven-figure business and closing over 43 million dollars in deals over the past 20 years. Whether you’re a service-based entrepreneur, are interested in becoming one, or are simply looking to feel more empowered, Laura’s insights will help you recognize the incredible value you provide.  All of the show notes can be found at thegoodlifecoach.com/093.


  1. Her inspiring journey towards embracing personal and professional opportunities
  2. Why everyone reading this is a master of sales, even if you don’t know it yet
  3. How sales is a lot like dating and what you can do to attract more clients
  4. Why the most successful women she knows aren’t afraid to reach out for help or hire a coach 
  5. A simple yet powerful exercise to understand your own value
  6. The secret to reading your customers’ minds (or at least making it seem like you can)
  7. Why you should price your service at an amount you’re almost uncomfortable saying
  8. How to reach your target audience and foster deeper relationships 
  9. The daily systems and routines that help Laura thrive and succeed
  10. Three common mistakes that might be holding you back from driving more sales
  11. How sales can help you foster real change in the world


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