Does talking about money ever make you feel guilty or worried? As a master coach and intuitive healer, Polly Alexandre overcame decades of self-limiting beliefs about money to become a multi-six figure entrepreneur who shares her powerful insights internationally.  Starting with mindset, she’s here to help you achieve your financial goals and cultivate a more fulfilling relationship with money.  Through her programs she inspires her students to manifest resources so they can share their gifts with the world. All of the show notes can be found at


  1. How to heal your relationship with money and adopt an abundance mindset
  2. How to invest in personal development
  3. Why working on your own money mindset can cause positive shifts in others
  4. Powerful changes to make if you’re frustrated about hitting a wall while growing your business, working towards a promotion etc. 
  5. Why money is 80% an inner game and only 20% the actions you take
  6. How to trust yourself when pricing services and stop buying into your client’s stories about money 
  7. Why you should stop saying “I can’t afford it,” and other limiting statements
  8. How to feel less worried and more joyful about your money 
  9. What assumptions about money you should abandon during COVID-19 (hint: there’s still money to go around)
  10. Creative strategies for setting your financial goals


  1. Spend time everyday connecting with your spirit – ask questions and listen to the answers
  2. Uncover and undo your conditioning – like polishing a diamond, it will allow your beauty and truth to shine 
  3. Be present – it allows you to feel more abundant and appreciative


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