My guest today is Dr. Nayla Bahri. We get into all things work today: How to be resilient in good and hard times; career freedom, behaviors that help you thrive; our relationship to work; why “making work” is important, passion vs purpose, and why Nayla doesn’t punch her fear in the face, and so much more!

For Nayla’s dissertation to get her doctorate degree, she did qualitative research around people who had been laid off in the 2008 recession and studied what made them resilient.  She discovered that there were certain behaviors that helped people thrive. We discuss those specific behaviors as well as exercises you can do to find more agency in your work.  All of the show notes can be found at 

Nayla Bahri is a coach, consultant, facilitator, professor and researcher helping humans do their greatest work in the world. Nayla brings a research-based, heart-led approach to her practice of helping people and organizations develop leadership capability, promote career growth and satisfaction, improve employee and community engagement, and establish learning communities. She teaches at the graduate level at Columbia University and is a former Dean of Students at Columbia.  


  1. How to be resilient when you’ve lost your job.
  2. The behaviors that empower people to thrive. They are broken into inner and outer work.
  3. Inner work – examining would look journaling; taking a long walk or jogging; prayer and meditation
  4. Outer work: Ex., Asking people who know you well and that you worked for – “Where do you think I’ll thrive and where do you think I’d struggle and why?  What roles do you see me doing well?”
  5. How work is like a relationship and how the people that understood that they weren’t the job did better. 
  6. Other exercises you can do to gain clarity on your values and other key characteristics to help you find joy in your work.
  7. The value of putting pen to paper.
  8. Why it is important to “make work” and what that could look like for you.
  9. Purpose vs passion and how that fits into a career.
  10. The role of self-love in success in career and life, and more.


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