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How do you pivot and set yourself apart from everyone out there especially when things are so uncertain in your business? You do that by creating an irresistible personal brand. Jason Van Orden is on to offer his simple framework to guide us through his process. You can access the show notes at

We Discussed:

How to create an irresistible personal brand.

How to package your knowledge in new and diverse ways – especially in the online space.

Advice he’s giving his clients during the pandemic.

Get on the phone with clients/past clients.  Have 5-10 conversations to find out what their needs are now and create value for them.

Let go of the givens of how that is being done.  He has a friend that teaches dance who offered a class online by donation.

Solve problems and lead.  Show up as a leader as best as you can.  People are looking for hope, comfort, guidance, and entertainment.

If you can there is an opportunity to show up in your unique genius.  Live stream – email list – podcast.

The important thing is to acknowledge what is going on.  

If you are home schooling, etc your business still needs to exist.

The value of frameworks over formulas.  What differentiates them and why frameworks are more beneficial.

When you are an expert delivering your knowledge – you can teach people how you did it.  However it doesn’t serve people well if all you offer is a formula.  This is what I did and it will work for you.  The truth is that the student is different from you.  

I’m looking for the principles – the through lines that can be applied.  What are your values, strengths, goals, and repurpose your knowledge in a variety of forms.

Repackage the offerings and run a pilot version of the program.  Get a handful of people and teach it as a series of live online trainings through zoom to see if people want to buy into what you are teaching and will pay for that program. 

When you are too close to your work it is hard to see it clearly. This helps do that and provides for testimonials and feedback and then go into a studio and record a course that you can host.

Framework to establish your brand:

  1. Beliefs – what are the beliefs that drive the work you do?  
  2. Vision – what is the vision of the future that you are trying to create?  Ex, people out there who can solve more problems.
  3. Values – marketing 101 – what do you offer them? 
  4. Contribution beyond yourself.  How does your work solve a problem beyond yourself and the transaction at hand.  The more we have people willing to share their unique genius that we will solve the world’s problems.
  5. Your reason why?  What is your reason why outside of $, freedom, and your family? 

You need to produce regular content and show up consistently.  Pick a channel that speaks to your strengths. From a format standpoint – write, video, audio.  It can be long form or shorter posts.  Things are decentralized now.  You should build your email list and be where people are and meet them where you are but the content is also on your website.  


Jason’s interview – Episode 38 on How to Use Your Unique Genius

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