Since 2005, Jason has worked with over 6000 students and clients, teaching them how to monetize their unique brilliance with content marketing, scalable courses, and automated sales systems. Many of his and students have built multi-million dollar businesses and have become top authors, bloggers, podcasters and speakers in their field. Today we talk about specific strategies to position yourself in a noisy on-line market to best lead and serve in your unique way, while making a profit. The show notes are at 

Key Takeaways:

Jason launched the first internet marketing podcast and launched a coaching business for budding entrepreneurs. He is passionate about helping his clients get recognized for their expertise, while getting paid to do what you love.

The 3 M’s:

1. Market – target audience — if you haven’t gotten traction maybe you are being too general

2.Messaging – you need to speak to where the client is now.  Speak to their pain.  Don’t get into the solution.  Speak to top of mind stuff based on where they are at.

3. Medium – show up where your target audience is already hanging out.

How do you identify and focus on your “Unique Genius”.  Jason’s definition is know your strengths and weaknesses.  Knowing the circumstances that leads you to being your best.  

3 Sources: to help you define it:

  1. 10-15 statements to where you are at your best.  Ex, I create my greatest value when…..  I am my most creative when….
  2. Ask trusted advisors, friends and ask what are your strengths are.
  3. Take a the Strengths Finder by Sally Hogshead or her Strengths test for leadership

Remember you always have 3 key resources. They are time, money, and connections.  Evaluate what you have the most of when you are starting out. 

Look at where you are now and track all of the stuff you do over a couple of weeks.  Ask yourself, “What percentage of my time do I spend on my unique genius per week?” 

Be consistent for 60-90 days.  Pick 1-2 social media platforms to post on and really double down.

A lead magnet should talk about pain points.  Don’t discuss solutions that people aren’t aware of for the lead magnet.  Create the kind of thing someone else might charge money for and post on social and your website to have people sign up.

Jason’s 3 Best Tips:

  1. Know who you want to serve first and foremost. 
  2. Get to selling as quickly as possible.   You need to be able to see what your offer is.  Get one client and prove to yourself someone will pay for what you are offering.
  3. Really lean into being yourself.  Play around with your voice.  There is so much noise on the internet — the only way to find your voice is to turn it up to 11.  There is something about your voice and your vulnerability. Experiment to find your unique voice..


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