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We are living in uncertain times. There are lessons that we can learn from a Retired Coast Guard Captain based on his is survival training. He shares a few tips that you can implement and explains how his military experiences shaped how he lives life and what you can do too. I find that the little things can somehow have the most impact on our lives and hope the tips help you. You can access the show notes at

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Chris went through survival training where he had to live with no food or shelter for three days out in the wilderness in Kodiak Alaska. The training they were given 7 steps.

We discuss three of the key steps, as sometimes it’s the little shifts you make that can have a profound impact.

Recognize your situation. Assess. And Plan for Fun.

Being distracted and having fun is helpful for survival. Don’t underestimate the fun.

Chris was assigned to a Coast Guard ship to Alaska and couldn’t communicate with anyone other than through letters. He would often get the letters at the end of his time deployment.

There was isolation and uncertainty when the deployment would end. More often than not, it would be extended.

It’s important to work out regularly by first setting a fitness goal and then going for it.

To deal with uncertainty, Chris developed resilience to manage emotions.

Set your alarm to wake up every day and go through your routine.

This is a great opportunity to develop a new habit and position yourself to be in a good place physically and mentally and emotionally. Getting a routine is key for this.


Admiral Craven – Make Your Bed Speech
Make Your Bed : Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World by Admiral William McRaven

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