Stephanie Hayes is a small business strategist whose personalized approach helps entrepreneurs achieve next-level growth. In her more than two decades of experience, she has worked with over 400 clients, run five of her own companies and obtained a master’s degree in business and technology. Stephanie creates highly-customized business models that have enabled clients to double and triple their income without working longer hours. Whether they are service providers or product creators, Stephanie helps them build the confidence and find the clarity they need to feel energized by their new business direction. We discuss how to design a business you love by embracing your feminine energy, using slow business, finding alignment and understanding your passion — to illuminate your path to success. The show notes are at 

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding when and how to use feminine energy in your work.
  • We discuss “slow business” and the benefits of using this approach instead of “pushing” through with your business
  • Stephanie discusses the importance of business alignment and how to achieve this.
  • We talk about her Four Pillars of Passion and the related essential questions you need to ask in order to create success professionally and personally.

Stephanie’s 4 Pillars of Passion:

  1. Who is your ideal client?
  2. What is your favorite service or product you want to bring into the world?
  3. What is the one experience that you want to be able to do in your work — for example, being a connector no matter what in your business
  4. What is your ideal way to work?  For ex, one on one or maybe you don’t want projects.  Or maybe you need to work remotely.

Stephanie’s 3 Best Tips for Living a Good Life:

  1. Divorce yourself from how you think your life “SHOULD” turn out.
  2. Don’t judge yourself.  You have permission to optimize your life as much as you can.  Go after what you want.
  3. Remember to do things just for fun!   We are so judgmental of things that have no productivity attached to it.

Resources + Books:

Stephanie’s website + offer for a free consult.

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