“Really persist.  There are days you won’t feel like doing things and the consistency is the magic.” – Joya Dass

Joya Dass was one of the first South Asian females to be seen on mainstream television in the US. She’s been a business anchor for major networks for the last 15 years, delivering live hourly reports from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for Bloomberg, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NY1 News. Joya is currently using her 20 years in television to build programming for her global women’s initiative. LadyDrinks is a networking platform cultivating the ultimate South Asian female leader. We discuss Joya’s troubled childhood witnessing the domestic abuse of her mother and how she was determined from a young age to create a better life for herself. A life she created and continues to evolve to empower other women! The show notes are at https://thegoodlifecoach.com/041 

We Discuss:

  1. How she was raised in a home of domestic violence. She knew she would have a better life as soon as she could leave.
  2. How she knew she wanted to be a TV anchor at a young age.
  3. At 18 she left for college, and her parents hadn’t saved for school.  So she put herself through school and is very thankful to the strong men and women around her that helped her along the way.
  4. Was a fan of Tom Brokaw — she loved his curiousity because of her natural curiousity.
  5. Her mom supported her writing and how that helped her.
  6. We talk about her Ted Talk “Re-thinking Failure”
  7. We discuss her latest venture – LadyDrinks  
  8. When Joya launched LadyDrinks — 300 SouthEast Asian women showed up because they too were looking for support.
  9. Joya believed that telling her story was a catharsis.  She realized that by sharing her story, it changed the trajectory of other people’s lives.
  10. People want to share and be able to break out of their shell.
  11. Always trust your gut/intuition -“Your gut will never lead you astray.”
  12. She had people in her life that helped her during pivot points.
  13. Makes the first 90 minutes of her day centered around taking care of herself.  Arm yourself with the tools you need: Affirmations and yoga.

Joya’s 3 Best Tips for Living a Good Life:

  1. Listen – people tell you all of the time what they need.
  2. Believe in yourself.  No one will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.  Thoughts beget things.  So work on your mindset every single day and harness of your subconscious.  Put some systems to put it into your favor to get your life you deserve.  She got specific about her goals.  Certain dollar amounts.  Building a mantra around it and say it in the morning and at night and what she is going to offer in exchange.
  3. Really persist.  There are days you won’t feel like doing things and the consistency is the magic.

Resources + Books:

@joyadass on all social

ladydrinks.com – Joya’s current venture

Joya’s Tedx Talk – “Re-Thinking Failure”

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