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Do you ever call yourself an “introvert” or “extrovert” as a way of explaining why you do or don’t enjoy doing something?  Have you ever taken a personality assessment such as the Myers Briggs?  Did you know by learning your type preferences it can help you with so many areas of your life?  Have you thought much about what those 4 letter combinations actually mean?  Understanding your type can help you to maximize your strengths and help you manage stress — while improving your communication both personally and professionally.   If you are curious about your type, then tune in!

In today’s interview, Rob Toomey, the President of TypeCoach walks us through identifying our own type.  Rob has trained over 30,000 people on type and his online platform has trained another 100,000.  I don’t know anyone more knowledgable on the subject and as great of a teacher. Rob is excellent at breaking things down in an easy way to understand.

He is also giving away access to his four type products which is a $100 value!  This is only for a limited time.  It takes you deep into type and helps you better understand your strengths and how to communicate with other types.  There is an entire chart to help you do this and better understand the people in your lives.  Details on how to access this freebie are below in the show notes.

Key Takeaways:

  1. What is personality type and how to identify your own “type”.
  2. How to use type to turn it into a communication system to change how you connect with others, personally and professionally.
  3. How to identify the best career/work for you? Which “type preferences” enjoy which kinds of tasks.
  4. How you get your energy.
  5. How we take in and process information.  It is this category where the big communication gaps occur.  This is one category where the people with a preference for “intuition” make up only 1/3 of the population.  Rob explains what you need to know if you are an intuiter.  How understanding this can help you in your relationships and in your career for a win win vs creating tension. Answer the “how” questions.
  6. How your type impacts your sense of humor and who will relate to your humor.
  7. Why we change our “preferred” ways of being in the world and begin to sensor ourselves …and how you can instead use it to find your authentic voice.
  8. How knowing TYPE can help you with tolerance and compassion.
  9. How you can make your relationships richer and more fulfilling. Understanding type gives you more “permission” to be more of who you are.
  10. How we make decisions
  11. How the “terms” aren’t literal. For example, a judger isn’t judgmental –it’s someone who prefers closure
  12. How people prefer to structure their lives.
  13. He reveals the one type category that causes the most stress in relationships and why it’s so critical to understand it for better relationships.
  14. What you need to have in place for job satisfaction.
  15. He explains the 16 combinations of categories and how knowing these combinations informs your core values in life.
  16. Understanding type can help you figure out what careers and situations help you thrive.
  17. Rob shares how our core values are tied into our type and how knowing that can help you to live a happier and more fulfilled life as well as figure out what types of work is a good fit.
  • SJ – responsibility and dependability
  • SP – grounded, practical and realistic – they want to be impressive
  • NJ – all about strategy, long-term success and competency
  • NP – helping others in reshaping someone’s fullest potential – feeling combined with big picture.

Rob’s latest venture:

Books Referenced:

Making a Living Without a Job by Barbara Winter

Survival Games Personalities Play by Eve Delunas

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