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"I Love Michele’s creativity. As she listened to me she saw opportunity and helped point me in a direction to bring my dream to fruition."
-Alison B.

"After every session with Michele, I walk away with clear, refined monthly goals that are filled with purpose and encourage me to push myself. She constructs my thoughts and musings into the bigger picture and then helps to break the ideas into manageable, actionable items. She has been extremely instrumental in defining my brand. She genuinely looks out for her clients with a warm heart, astute eye, and nurturing mind."
-Kirsten W.

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The genesis for this book is a desire to help women focus on self-love as the gateway to greater happiness. This book is for you, if you desire to live with more purpose, passion and direction. The 52 inspirations are simple yet profound reminders on how to create a path to personal fulfillment, one week at a time.


• Live your life with purpose and clarity
• Make loving yourself and your body a priority
• Have a career and relationships that you love
• Incorporate simple pleasures for greater joy

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