What is the future of work? Or more specifically, what is the way to reimagine work today to create environments where your employees can thrive that includes everyone from Boomers to Gen Z? It can be challenging for leaders to navigate managing across generations when generally speaking each generation prioritizes different life/work values. What about where people work? Should they have to come into an office every day or did the pandemic teach us that people can be productive working from home? What caused the Great Resignation and what happened to the millions of people that left the workforce? What are some ways leaders can adapt and bring humanity to the workplace? According to Heather McGowan, author of The Empathy Advantage, empathy plays a vital roll and she walks us through specific steps a leader can take to create a place where people love to work. Heather co-wrote this book to explain how the world of work should be changing. Whether you are in the workforce as an employee or especially if you are a leader, this is a fascinating conversation with many specific takeaways that are researched based that you can implement.


  1. Why Heather wrote The Empathy Advantage to deliver a guidebook for leaders navigating the uncertainty of a post pandemic world.
  2. The two transformations that changed the world of work.
  3. The four leadership shifts leaders/managers need to make.
  4. Heather walks us through the five interlocking trends that placed agency in the hands of workers that created The Great Reset. It includes: The Great Resignation; The Great Retirement with 75 million baby boomers leaving the workforce; The Great reshuffle, leaving one job for another job; The Great Refusal, people sick of working for minimum wage; and The Great Relocation.
  5. What caused the Great Resignation and what happened to the millions of people that left the workforce?
  6. The importance of allowing flexibility on where and how to work.
  7. Specific questions leaders can ask their employees to humanize the world of work and bring out the best in their people, and more.



Future-of-work strategist, thought leader, researcher, and author Heather E McGowan is one of the leading voices on the Future of Work. McGowan is a sense maker, a dot connector, a deep thinker, and a pattern matcher who sees things that others miss. Heather gives people the courage and insight that illuminates their path forward. She’s transforming mindsets and entire organizations around the globe with her message about how the next phase of work will focus on continuous learning and how leadership must shift to guide these expeditions.

Her groundbreaking approach to learning has made employees more fulfilled and innovative, leaders more potent and empathetic, and businesses more effective at reaching their goals in a rapidly evolving market.

Her message is never more powerful than when she’s onstage, where her no-nonsense approach creates a fundamental mindset shift across the audience leaving them both transformed in their thinking and clear in their path of action.

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