Dr. Kelly Casperson is the best-selling author of You Are Not Broken: Stop “Should-ing” All Over Your Sex Life.  She is on to talk to us about how to have a great love life in midlife.  She explains why women need to stop blaming and shaming themselves when it comes to sex.

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1️⃣ How the medical system is biased towards supporting men and dismissing women. Women are told things like have a glass of wine and relax.

2️⃣ Modern medicine is here to help us.  Why we need to stop “shoulding” ourselves with the idea that menopause is natural therefore you shouldn’t need Hormone Therapy.

3️⃣ The importance of talking to your partner when things are going well. And why Hollywood and the porn industry convey a false message about what sex should really be like.  As Dr. Kelly says, “It’s fake people.”  Don’t compare your love life to fictionalized characters not representing reality.

4️⃣ How women in their twenties don’t have it better.

5️⃣ Men don’t know more about our bodies and our pleasure than we do.

6️⃣ She shares many myths including the myth that desire should be spontaneous that make women believe they are broken.

7️⃣ How the brain is a powerful tool in desire.

8️⃣ Combatting vaginal dryness and why Dr. Kelly recommends lube for everyone.

9️⃣ The symptoms that arise during menopause and what women can do about it, and more.


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Book: You Are Not Broken:Stop “Should-ing” All Over Your Sex Life

Dr. Kelly’s Podcast: You Are Not Broken

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Dr. Kelly Casperson is a urologic surgeon, author, sex educator, and top international podcaster whose mission is empowering women to live their best love lives. Kelly identified the need for better resources and developed a sex education membership for women that covers topics like sexual health, intimacy, mind work, and the science of desire. She combines education, humor, and candor in her podcast, You Are Not Broken, where she dismantles the myths women have learned and normalizes healthy, enjoyable sex worth desiring.

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