Do you sense that you are here for more but aren’t sure how to unlock your purpose and potential?

Our guest, Traci Mitchell, is an author, speaker, and Emmy Award-Winning journalist who inspires us to find our life’s purpose. Her book, Stirring the Pot, “is about understanding how today’s most successful women recognize the meaning and value of their lives and the future right in front of them” and how you can apply that knowledge to live a more fulfilled life.

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1️⃣ What it means to stir the pot and why it’s important to shake things up to move towards what lights you up.

2️⃣ How purpose is something we all have planted within us and that we can uncover our own and it can even change during the course of our lifetimes.

3️⃣ The advice Oprah gave Traci and how we can learn from this wisdom. Especially how knowing our gifts is the magic that allows us to get aligned with our path.

4️⃣ The importance of focus and not allowing other people’s opinions to guide our life.

5️⃣ How being courageous and taking risks can open up new opportunities and growth.

6️⃣ Why it’s important to listen to your inner voice and why taking care of mind, body, and spirit helps you hear your own, and much more!

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Website: Traci’s Website

Book: Traci Mitchell – Stirring the Pot

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Emmy award-winning journalist, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, host and author, Traci Mitchell is an inspirational powerhouse who uses her voice and storytelling to engage audiences for major global corporations.

She is passionate, authentic and energetic. Traci excels at getting to the root of situations utilizing creative ways to tackle seemingly impossible tasks.

Traci worked at television stations from coast to coast reporting on international, national and local news for more than two decades. She covered Presidents George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and many world leaders. She conducted one on one interviews with presidential hopefuls, lawmakers and corporate executives.

Traci conducted celebrity and lifestyle interviews with nationally known experts for the Emmy nominated daytime show, My Generation. She also appeared as a principal actor on House of Cards.

Traci loves hearing a good story, especially stories portraying the power and strength of other successful women. She believes women are capable of making what may seem impossible possible.

Her book, Stirring the Pot, takes a closer look at successful accomplished women who are living their lives on purpose and what it takes to uncover your own purpose, fall in love with your life and live bigger.

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