Most of us have experienced a brief power outage at some point but what if the power in your home went out for days, would you be prepared?

What about a lockdown and going to the market with empty shelves and no access to things like toilet paper? We’ve experienced this with the pandemic but are you prepared in case something like that happens again without warning?

What about wild fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, or some other natural disaster or emergency situation? If you needed to flee your home, would you be ready to leave safely and with the items you need to survive until the situation is better? Do you know what to have on hand at home or in order to flee? These are some of the questions that get covered in today’s interview.

In my opinion, this episode is important for everyone and definitely worth your time. Joining us is Kathy Vines, Certified Professional Organizer, who has combined her organizational expertise with emergency preparation tips. She walks us through her 3-part emergency preparedness framework. You will learn so much useful information from this episode! Show notes can be found at

We Discuss:

Emergency Prep for:

1. At home – shelter in place with limited access to supplies and services.

2. Fleeing your home but only for a certain amount of time. For ex. to avoid a hurricane.

3. Fleeing your home when it might be permanent because there are wild fires that destroy your home. 

4. Each of these scenarios and how they require different supplies and preparedness.

5. How to approach it without being panicked but being prepared.

6. The importance of having a plan for the household.

7. Ways to mitigate risks.

Core list of supplies:

  1. Water 

2. Food

3. Medications

4. Toilet paper

5. Personal hygiene

6. First aid

7. Pet food

8. Camp stove + matches

9. Pot to boil water

10. A fuel source 

11. Camping backpacks – old clothes that you could grab and go with warm clothes

12. Durable duffel bag

13. Tent

14. Make sure your devices are charged.  Phone or laptops especially to have communication.  

15. Flashlights, glow sticks

16. Hand crank radio

17. Glasses or contacts

What information you need on hand.

  1. Doctors number

2. Know how to turn off the water for your house

3. Copies of the insurance for your home

4. Being able to grab your most important life documents easily and have copies somewhere safe.  Passports, Birth certificates, and cash in smaller bills.

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Book: Clever Girl’s Guide to Living with Less: Break Free from Your Stuff, Even When Your Head and Heart Get in the Way by Kathy Vines

Kathy Vines Bio:

Kathy Vines is a Certified Professional Organizer, Productivity Specialist, and the owner of Clever Girl Organizing. Kathy launched Clever Girl in early 2013 after a 20-year career in Human Resources. She works with people across the country through Virtual Organizing and in her annual Clever Girl Organizing Challenge, helping to untangle their relationship to stuff and create the systems to conquer the chaos around them.

She is the author of the book, “Clever Girls’ Guide to Living with Less: Break Free from Your Stuff, Even When Your Head and Heart Get in the Way”. Kathy’s ideas have been featured in the Boston Globe, Washington Post, Better Homes and Gardens and Real Simple magazines. She appeared in a national segment on “Inside Edition”, and that video has been viewed over 2.5 million times on YouTube, though admittedly, she can’t imagine how why 2.5 million people need to see her help a family organizer their refrigerator. 

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