by Michele Lamoureux

I wrote this poem as a way to express how I was feeling about the disconnect I am observing with people. Everyone is on their personal journey of making sense of their life and purpose. Yet, with the virus, lockdowns, and political climate the way it is, people appear to becoming more divided from one another than I’ve ever witnessed. There is a need to be right over a needing to be connected. This poem is my invitation to look at things differently. To open your heart and let love guide. I hope you enjoy it.

Our search for meaning dates back to the beginning of our existence.

We’ve looked to the planets through astrology,

and numbers through numerology.

Searched the world for wisdom through psychics and sages,

Turned to shamans, and spirits, and angels too,

Anything to get back to the meaning of you.

Some believe science has the answers we seek,

Some believe that those without faith are weak,

From gurus to yogis to the stars and the moon,

We’ve looked to Gods and goddesses and anything that’s new.

Human design, the Enneagram, Akashic records, and tarot cards,

New age thinkers, guides, and masters,

Priests, and Rabbis, and Religious Pastors

Surely there is someone who has all the answers?

The more you seek, the more you find, and yet,

Has it given you peace of mind?

The prophets gave people hope and to this day still do,

Yet, the answers you seek have always been within you.

The love that you are, you will always be,

This is the truth of life, don’t you see?

Something that unites us in magical ways,

Something that can bring us closer to happier days,

Something powerful that lets us work together,

A world of beauty that defines forever.

So, it doesn’t really matter what you believe.

Your truth is what lets you be.

Yet sadly, your own beliefs are not enough,

Your faith makes you think you need to be tough,

On others who don’t see what you see.

You must change their minds too for you to be.

Why judge others for their path?

Perhaps they aren’t into science or math?

Maybe they believe something foreign to you?

Does that make them worthy of rejecting too?

You think “their faith and reality must be flawed,”

My mission then must be to guide them along.

I’ll debate and judge my sisters and brothers,

Not realizing that we are actually each other.

The illusion of separation is a myth that presides,

Division and hate, unfortunately, resides.

A world that is divided can never be whole,

Perhaps the path is to see the humanity in all?

To let love prevail and respectfully disagree,

Perhaps this is the way to harmony?

Maybe you see purple where I see blue,

Does this make me so different from you?

On the surface, it seems that this is the case,

But what if you allowed your heart to make space?

I’m tired of the division and all of the hate,

I believe we have more control of our fate,

In love, we find the link that binds us all,

In love, we find that our hearts want us to head the call.

I know you think we are so different from one another,

From race to religion to having a different mother,

Yet the truth of the meaning of life,

Binds us beyond all of the superficial labels and strife.

Are you willing to see me as a soul and as whole?

With my personal search for meaning and truth,

Even if it is different from you?

We don’t have to see eye to eye to be aligned.

You see, what makes us different is also what binds,

Like the myriad of living things that co-exists,

in a cycle of nature that doesn’t question or doubt its existence.

Would you be willing to meet me in the middle?

With love, Michele