From launching her first company at 26 years old — to raising $42 million dollars and having her company acquired — to helping other entrepreneurs launch their own companies, Zoe Barry, Founder of ZappRX, is on the show to share what you need to know about getting started, raising funds, and being a butterfly not a moth (you’ll understand when you listen). *There is explicit language in this episode. All of the show notes can be found at Visit Michele on IG at Michele_Lamoureux to leave any comments about this interview. I’d love to hear from you!


  1. What women need to know about raising funds for their company.
  2. The barriers that you’ll face and how to navigate it.
  3. The importance of bringing in people who can guide you.
  4. The importance of asking for help.
  5. Why Zoe doesn’t believe in having co-founders.
  6. Why you shouldn’t hire friends if you want to keep the relationship.
  7. Why you need to just get started.  See what you are capable of – what you can accomplish, and more!


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