How are you at managing your time? Women often put themselves last and in this interview Michele and Kate discuss how to align your purpose and live with integrity to prioritize yourself. Time management is essential for achieving goals and realizing dreams. Tune into this 30 minute interview to set yourself up for success. Detailed show notes can be found at


  1. Start with a time audit – track when and how you spend your time for a week or two to really gain clarity on what you are prioritizing.
  2. Time blocking – put everything on the calendar, including writing your lunch down and breaks you have so you have a plan for your entire day.
  3. Know when your peak work time is and arrange your schedule around your strengths.
  4. Do 90 minute blocks of focused work followed by a short break.
  5. Assess at the end of the day how long some routine tasks will take so you have a sense of how long you need to mark in your calendar moving forward.
  6. Mark the things you don’t want to do, want to do and have to do on scale of 1-10 and start to notice the things that don’t align with your purpose. What can you outsource?
  7. Align time management with integrity – align your thoughts and behaviors with your personal values.  If you are living your purpose, then by knowing what you want and you can break the tasks down into specific goals and short term objectives that are achievable – weekly, monthly, and quarterly checkpoints.  Create smaller goals so that you feel some level of achievement every day.
  8. The payoff: When you know the tasks are aligned it helps keep you going when you don’t enjoy certain tasks like social media.
  9. Time management makes you dig into the fear or resistance you have. If you are procrastinating maybe it is because you feel guilt, fear, or some other feeling that is stopping you from taking action.
  10. Automate things that aren’t your skillset, and more.


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