Heather Jones is on to share how to optimize your website for aesthetics, functionality, brand positioning, and much more. Your website is a critical part of your business as it represents you, your services or products, so that first impression is important. Heather is also a 6-figure female entrepreneur and mother of 3 young children, so she also shares the systems she’s created to find success working for herself while balancing a busy family life. If you need a new website, want to rebrand your existing one, or want ideas to improve your current site, this episode is for you! Show notes can be found at

What You’ll Learn:

  • How following her passion and doing work that made her happy helped Heather not only find her life’s work but also her husband
  • The importance of having a well designed website.
  • The key elements you need in place and how to achieve them.
  • How to pick brand colors, create a mood board and more regarding design
  • The importance of researching website platforms before starting a website.
  • Why you should consider a brand photo shoot of yourself if you have a service based company or of your products if you sell things.
  • The number one thing every website must have!
  • The systems she has in place to run a successful six figure business while raising 3 young children

Heather’s 3 Best Tips For Living a Good Life:

  1. Go for it
  2. Stay inspired and keep learning
  3. Don’t take anything for granted 

Resources Mentioned:

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