We are discussing how you develop the mindset, confidence and skills to get your book out in the world and to own your creative journey. It took 15 years for Julie to become a published author and she is sharing her 30 years of experience in arts administration as well as her writing journey to empower other writers. She’s a multi-published mystery writer. Her eighth book, Digging Up the Remains, written as Julia Henry, will be out at the end of August. Julie launched Your Ladders, a company that helps performing artists and writers develop the confidence for their creative journey while developing the tools they need to get past the blocks and obstacles in their path. Visit https://thegoodlifecoach.com/089 for the show notes!

We discuss:

Why she launched Muse Mapping and how artists need to understand the business side as well as the creative process.  The art of craft and mindset.

  • 4 steps to confidence building to write your book.
  • Defining success – the importance of always being on the journey.
  • The 3 steps to creating a successful journey: 1. Hone your craft 2. Build your community 3. Understand how the business works.
  • The advice that she wish someone would have told her when she started writing and what she tells her students now.
  • The importance of the mechanics of writing.
  • How creative energy heals the universe and helps us all rethink how life should be.
  • You need to love the craft of writing. It needs to be joyful even if it is hard.

Resources Mentioned (Books + App)

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Yourladders.com – Julie’s online company to support artists

Julie’s FREE 5 Day Writing Boot Camp

HOW TO TURN “PRO”: STRATEGIES TO GO FROM WRITER TO PUBLISHED FICTION AUTHOR – First Interview with Julie -Very tactical information

JHAuthors.com – Julie’s author website

Books by Steven Pressfield:
The Artist’s Journey
The War of Art

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