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What would happen if you and a friend decided to share your challenges, hopes, dreams, and transitions on a podcast instead of just with each other? Well, that’s what Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik did when they picked up a microphone and began recording on their closet floor. They discovered that there was a community of women looking to connect with like-minded souls and in 3 years their show has become a Top 50 podcast on Apple Podcasts with 12 million downloads. It is an inspiring journey and so much to learn from these grounded, intelligent, and soulful women. We discuss the importance of trusting your intuition, going for your dreams, owning your voice, and showing up as your most authentic self, and more!  You can access the show notes at

We Discuss:

  • Krista and Lindsey’s podcasting journey.
  • How they built a community “Almost30 Nation”
  • Why they believe millennial woman are more open to sharing.
  • How intuition has guided their path and continues to do so and how their intuition shows up so they can hear it.
  • Their mindset to create success on their terms.
  • Why they believe it’s best to start before you are ready.
  • How authenticity shapes what they create and how they share – Krista says it’s like a muscle you exercise.
  • Why they believe in using your voice is so important and how they know when they aren’t listening to their own voice and how they adjust.
  • Their plans for the future with their podcast and community, and much more!

Krista’s 3 Best Tips on Living a Good Life:

  1. Get the nutrition right so you can be mentally prepared.
  2. Define what a good life looks like for you and have a clear vision of that so you can work towards it.
  3. It is an effort.  Do the work and make the pursuit of living a good life fun.  Keep it light and fun.

Lindsey’s 3 Best Tips on Living a Good Life:

  1. Take care of yourself – mind, body and spirit – movement, nourishing yourself, listen to yourself.  
  2. Surround yourself with people who see your light and support your life.  Cultivate that community that feeds your spirit.
  3. Practice being unafraid to express yourself without fixating on the end result.


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