What would you do if you had an idea that had been playing in your heart and mind for a decade? An idea that married your passion for entrepreneurship, tech, innovation, and jewelry… Well, Deb LaBudde decided she wanted to create a new way to purchase fine jewelry — in the privacy of your own home so you could try on, and decide if you loved a piece. Deb’s vision has revolutionized the way a woman or man can now purchase from leading designers of fine jewelry and make the experience more personal and pleasurable. Her original concept is blossoming into something even greater — tune in to hear her inspiring story! All of the show notes can be found at https://thegoodlifecoach.com/048

We Discuss:

  1. How Deb conceived of the idea of MEMO
  2. What she did prior to launching her business in a space where she had no prior experience.
  3. Where the name MEMO originated
  4. Why purchasing fine jewelry from the privacy of your home makes the experience more pleasurable and more likely for a sale for the jewelry designer.
  5. The steps Deb took to set herself up for success — including surrounding herself with a stellar board of advisors.
  6. What she does every morning to set herself up for success and more…

Deb’s 3 Best Tips for Living a Good Life:

  1. The best things come doing the things that you are afraid of- doing the hard things.
  2. Stay physically and emotionally strong, despite the bumps.  Not giving up.
  3. Breathe

Resources + Books Mentioned:

Deb’s website: Experiencememo.com
IG/FB – @memojewelry
Michele on Instagram

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