Tamsen Fadal is a 12-time Emmy award-winning journalist and primetime anchor for the PIX11 News in New York at 5, 6 and 10pm. Tamsen is also the executive producer and host of Broadway Profiles, Changemakers, and a three-time author. With more than two decades of experience, she has covered local, national and international stories including Hurricane Sandy, the Metro North train derailment, the London bombings and the war on terror. In 2002, Tamsen traveled to Afghanistan and was embedded with the American troops during the war. We do a deep dive into the valuable tips she shares in her most recent book: “The New Single: Finding, Fixing and Falling Back In Love With Yourself After a Break-up or Divorce.” It is a motivational roadmap to rediscovering your power and living your best life. The show notes are at https://thegoodlifecoach.com/044 

We Discuss:

  1. Why she wrote this book as a roadmap for herself and how she wanted to share what she learned with other women.
  2. How it took her a year to feel balanced again. She realized the importance of those first 90 days are key to take control of your schedule and life as best you can. Tamsen began removing obstacles.  She had to figure out who she was.  She was a wife and now was a single woman.  She surveyed the surroundings in order to survive. 
  3. This book guides you to figuring out who you are again. 
  4. The importance of time management and being organized.
  5. Why you need to be the architect of your life.
  6. De-cluttering your space and removing the objects that don’t feel like you. Since Tamsen didn’t leave the home she shared with her ex- she re-did the bedroom, kitchen, and closets.  Repainted furniture.  She got rid of anything that didn’t serve her or reminded her of him. She made the space feel like her instead and recommends other women do this as well.
  7. How she ended up in $100,000 worth of debt and what lessons other women can learn to prevent debt after a divorce.
  8. How to stop looking for “the one more thing”.  That idea that you need closure. 
  9. How to get back out there.
  10. Why women often make “red flags” into what Tamsen calls “pink” flags as a way to soften things we intuitively know is wrong with the person.
  11. The importance of talking with friends and finding support through a therapist and other resources. And so much more…

Tamsen’s 3 Best Tips for Living a Good Life:

  1. Make peace with the past – stop misremembering it and start romancing the future.  
  2. Decide what you want and go after that.  Write it down to set a roadmap. Use vision boards.
  3. Live your someday, today.

Resources + Books Mentioned:


Tamsen’s Book: The New Single: Finding, Fixing, and Falling Back in Love with Yourself After a Breakup or Divorce

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