On today’s show I am talking about risk-taking. You may not think you are a risk-taker but a risk doesn’t have to be something major – my definition is to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone so you can grow in your life in a positive way. In just 10 minutes you’ll be inspired to join the May risk-taker challenge and do just ONE THING that you have been wanting to do! Show notes at https://thegoodlifecoach.com/027.

Key Takeaways:

Spring Challenge – Risk Takers Wanted!
Do you ever notice how different seasons infuse you with different energy? Spring is generally a season where we feel more motivated to make a change and “spring clean” to get rid of the things that no longer serve us.  

Since the podcast is all about living a more fulfilled life I wanted to give you a challenge for May while you are in an energized frame of mind.Ask yourself “What’s what one thing that I’ve wanted to try, start, learn, or explore further?”  Whatever comes to mind – write it down. I’d like to challenge you to take action this month on thisONE thing.Really think about pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

If you’ve wanted to start a business, take the first step to research the concept.  If you’ve wanted to sign up for guitar, voice, acting lessons – sign up today.  That improv class that you’ve been talking about – get yourself registered. That book you’ve wanted to write – put pen to paper.  That course you’ve wanted to take that could launch a new career – go for it!  We can spend so much time thinking about how we don’t have the time, that we don’t leave room for the possibility of what would happen if we did.  

Our minds prefer certainty but without expanding beyond what is comfortable one year to another begins to look very similar and your dreams and desires will continue to take the back seat.  Half this year is over – so let’s make 2019 more meaningful for you!

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Michele on Instagram – tag me on instagram and let me know what challenge you are working on.

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