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Jessica Rhodes is the Founder of Interview Connections. She left a thriving career in the non-profit world to become a stay at home mom so she could work on her own terms.  In just 6 years, Jessica is close to hitting 7 figures as the founder of Interview Connections, the first podcast guest booking agency.  What makes her story interesting is she started out trying to create a business and life she loved, and ended up doing that while pioneering a new industry!  She tells the story in her own words and we get into the mindset of what it takes to scale a business.  Jessica takes us on her journey including some setbacks she hit along the way.

Key Takeaways:

Jessica is the founder and equal co-owner of Interview Connections. She and her in house team of Booking Agents are the podcast powerhouses behind many of the record breaking book launches you’ve seen today, with clients such as JJ Virgin, Perry Marshall, other authors you may know, and numerous PR agencies who hire them for their podcasting savvy and booking skills.

Jessica to be a stay at home mom and that is actually what lead her to launching her business.

Her father is a business coach and encouraged her to start out as a VA.

One of the jobs her father had her do was book him on podcasts which is what prompted her to start her company.

She took a pay-cut and downgraded her career because she wanted to be at home and believes that sometimes you need to start at the beginning again.

Jessica believes you have to have the mindset of being the student and was open to trusting her mentors and coach.  Her revenue grew quickly.  

You need to have a shift at looking at money and investments and know that sometimes you go into debt while launching a company.

She had a client work with her for a year and then he left to start an almost identical business.  Another person copied her identical sales copy.  Yes, she continues to be the leader.

She unfollows her competitors.  She is purposeful to not get into the “they copied me mentality.”  Her business partner can check on things.  She always has to be ahead of the curve.  

She has been aggressive to grow her business and Jess hired employees and stability to her business.  

Jessica sponsored conferences to help grow her market share.  It helped position her as a successful business.  She pulled together topics for speaking at conferences.  

2017 – was a hard year for Jessica as she was going from contractors to employees.  She didn’t want to do the business on her own and she decided to bring on a 50% partner in her business because was exhausted and depressed. 

Jessica doesn’t work from home and only works from 10-4:30pm.  She doesn’t work long hours thanks to having a business partner.

Her tip for getting started- “just start”.  Make a list of what needs to happen now.  What are the next few things that need to be done.

Jessica’s 3 Best Tips for Business Success:

  1. Work with a great business coach.
  2. Really know your numbers.  What are you taking home and what is your net profit.
  3. Focus a lot on systems in your business and make sure things are running smoothly on the back-end.  Put into place a good CRM program to cut time off of tasks without having to find new clients.

Resources Mentioned (Books + App)

Where to find Jessica: 

Michele on IG

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