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Have you wanted to learn more about the benefits of juicing? Do you make fresh juice at home?  Have you purchased fresh juice at the market?   Do you know the difference between a green smoothie and green juice?

On today’s podcast, we cover all of these questions and more, with Kimmye Bohannon the CEO of The Weekly Juicery and the Founder of The Juice Ritual program.  Kimmye says she felt like she was aging in “dog years” and juicing turned back the clock!

We discuss the benefits of juicing and how to get started. Kimmye shares her recommended juicer and best book to begin… but first we get into her inspiring entrepreneurial journey. Kimmye had worked at JP Morgan for nearly 15 years when she launched The Weekly Juicery in her home in 2012 with no experience in this business.  Her goal was to create a juice delivery service that would make drinking cold-pressed juices convenient for busy people.  She would wake up at 2am – yes 2am – to deliver fresh juice to her early subscribers.  That’s how passionate she is about the benefits.

We have a lot of laughs during this conversation and I hope you’ll be laughing along with us too!    For show notes visit:

*This interview is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace your relationship with your doctor or trusted healthcare providers.*

Key Takeaways:

A mother to 3 children in just four years, Kimmye felt like she was aging much too quickly.  She bought a juicer and picked up a book from Natalia Rose.  Kimmye started to feel great and before she knew it her passion for juicing became her calling.  She had no idea about this industry or how to do all the things to make it a reality, but step by step, she found her way.

It takes 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 pounds of produce for 16 ounces of juice!

My favorite takeaway:  “As entrepreneurs we need to always be asking: ‘Is there a better way?'”

She had no prior experience and her company continues to deliver delicious, fresh juice throughout the United States.  In addition,  there are five Weekly Juicery retail locations and the online Juice Ritual Program which is a guided, one-day juice fast experience each month.

The Weekly Juicery juices are 100% USDA Certified Organic, vegetable-centric with little to no fruit.


The juicer that Kimmye recommends: The Brevillle Juice Fountain – JE98XL 

The Juice e-Book Giveaway referenced in the show.

Detox for Life – Natalia Rose

Detox 4 Women – Natalia Rose

 The E-Myth by Michael Gerber – helps you create a business and not a job.  

Where to find Kimmye and other resources mentioned:

Michele on IG

Natalia Rose Institute

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Kimmye’s 3 best tips for success:

  1. You need to be a student and a teacher.  People want to help you.  Ask people for help.  Share your experience back. 
  2. Intuition is generally right and yours will be too.  “The net is going to appear.  Make a big leap.” 
  3. Be very unattached to outcomes in your business.  If you are too attached you might miss other opportunities.  


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