How do we embrace our feminine energy as a way of reclaiming our power and manifesting from this energy instead of the masculine which is what is fueling business and life?

Things to Think About:

  • In Corporate America there is a masculine paradigm that has been leading the way for generations. Women want to change the system, have equal pay, and the same job opportunities; yet many women are still operating in a way that doesn’t support younger women coming up or even their peers. This is obviously a generalization, but so many women tell me stories that leave me feeling frustrated. Even though we’ve come so far – we have so much farther to go.
  • I thought that the world of entrepreneurship would be different. Women using their feminine energy to create and build success on their own terms. Many women are doing this, but I was surprised that the popular and “cool” language used to describe success that women have adopted as their own is all based on the masculine.
  • “Crushing it”, “hustle”, “push”, “killing it”, and “slay” are the words women are using to describe how to create success. Instead, I am inviting women to think about bringing in the feminine as a balance to this energy. You can have hustle but you can also have “flow”. You can push when you need to, but also “allow”. You can be “killing it and crushing it and slay” or you can also balance that by “doing what you love, taking inspired action, and trusting.”
  • Mother Earth serves as a reminder and example of the feminine. She gives life and supports life. Everything has its time and process. Women intuitively understand that bringing in “trust and flow” allows things to unfold in their time.

Michele’s 3 Best Tips to Embrace the Feminine:

  1. Think about your work environment and how you can support other women.
  2. If you are an entrepreneur, what energy do you need more of right now? If you have been operating out of the masculine, bring in feminine energy to balance and not burn yourself out.
  3. Remember that feminine energy is powerful.

If you’d like to explore this concept further – check out Episode #35 of the podcast where I go into discuss my thoughts on why this important.