Welcome to The Good Life Coach Podcast!  The intention of this show is to awaken you to your full potential. Join me every Wednesday for inspiring interviews with an expert who will elevate an area of your life in (business, relationships, health, and more), as well as entrepreneurial women who are trailblazing a path to success on their own terms. Each episode provides actionable tips to guide you to design a life you love.  

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“Refreshing, genuine and one of those rare podcasts that leave you feeling uplifted and motivated. Interesting guests, widely varied topics all geared towards personal development and growth.”

“Michele is such an inspiration! I find her podcast to be relatable, entertaining and uplifting. She is such a compassionate person, and it truly shows through these interviews.”

“I’m such a fan of Michele and her style of interviewing. As a listener, each podcast and the journey these women have created for themselves, has me inspired. She makes each guest feel like an old friend and I look forward to learning who will be featured each week! PS Love her weekly emails, too.”

“I love this podcast so much! The guests and topics are all wonderful and extremely interesting. I love how she covers all aspects of personal well-being. And she has the most soothing voice! It’s like sitting on a beach with your best friend. Highly recommend!”

“Wonderful ideas to enrich the lives of all women. Michele does a great job of keeping it light and practical. Definitely a must for women looking for useful ways to grow different areas of their lives. Cannot wait for more!”

“If you really want to stand out, say something no one else has, in a way that only you can.” – Terri Trespicio If you are an entrepreneur, health or life coach, a business owner, work in a professional services company, or any industry where you need to be able to stand out from your […]


Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with breast cancer or another life changing illness? Today, Dr. Sandra Freiwald is here to talk about her journey with breast cancer as not only a surgeon and patient, but as a mother, and a wife. Her husband had his own battle with a rare cancer a […]


If you have dreams you want to realize, but your limiting beliefs or a critical voice is holding you back, then you’ll want to tune in. My guest today is Suzanne Kingsbury the Founder of The Gateless Methodology –which is a combination of brain science, radical nurturing, and embracing your weaknesses. Suzanne takes us through […]


On today’s show I am talking about risk-taking. You may not think you are a risk-taker but a risk doesn’t have to be something major – my definition is to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone so you can grow in your life in a positive way. In just 10 minutes you’ll be inspired to […]


Hilary Hendershott of Hendershott Wealth Management on The Good Life Coach Podcast.


In this Episode: Stress affects everyone and unmanaged stress can impact your quality of life, and ultimately your health. In today’s interview, Rob Toomey, the President of TypeCoach walks us through identifying our stress “triggers” through the lens of personality type. He discusses how to navigate your stress response based on your four letter type […]