Former PepsiCo COO Grace Puma and former Nike President of Consumer Direct Christiana Smith Shi are the authors of CAREER FORWARD: Strategies from Women Who’ve Made It. It is a groundbreaking, empowering guide for women that shows how to prioritize a career path, build professional value, and enjoy a full life both in and out of the workplace. And that’s what we are talking about today on the show. If you want to optimize your career, this is the episode for you!

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BookCareer Forward: Strategies from Women Who’ve Made It

We Discuss

  1. The importance of having a long view of your career.
  2. Why you need to establish professional equity.
  3. How to negotiate salary.
  4. The role of mentors and sponsors for career advancement.
  5. Ways to expand your professional brand and your network.
  6. How to figure out what differentiates you, why it’s important, and much more.

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Christiana is the former president of Nike’s consumer-direct division where she led the company’s global retail and ecommerce business. Before that she was a senior partner at McKinsey & Co. Christiana has been named one of the Most Influential Corporate Directors by Women, Inc. She currently leads Lovejoy Advisors, which is focused on digitally transforming consumer and retail businesses. Shi is a graduate of Stanford University and has an MBA from Harvard Business School, where she graduated as a Baker Scholar. 

Grace the former executive vice president and COO of PepsiCo, and before that held senior positions with United Airlines, Kraft Foods, Motorola, and Gillette. A board member of both Organon & Co and Target, she has been ranked on the “Most Powerful Latina” list by Fortune magazine and recognized as the “Executive of the Year” by Latina Style magazine. Puma holds a BA in business administration and economics from Illinois Benedictine University.