Sexual intimacy in relationships is so important but couples can struggle with connection and prioritizing their partners. Whether it is a mismatch in desire, hormonal changes that are impacting women in midlife, or a host of other issues, in this episode you’ll learn from Dr. Jamea who is a sex and relationship therapist about how to rekindle intimacy. With over 15 years of experience, she has helped thousands of people create connection and cultivate passion. When she’s not seeing clients, Emily researches the relationship between flow and sexual satisfaction. She also serves as an expert speaker for both public and private events. Her expertise has been featured in Oprah Magazine, CNN, USA Today, The BBC, NBC, CBS, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, and more. This conversation is intended for adults only.


1️⃣ Sexual intimacy in relationships.

2️⃣ Why it is essential to prioritize intimacy in our relationships.

3️⃣ How mismatched desire is often the most common reason people see a sex therapist and ways to manage it.

4️⃣ Three simple ways to improve intimacy today.

5️⃣ Why we need to update our understanding of desire.

6️⃣ How we can use flow state science to enhance our sex life.

7️⃣ The impact declining hormones in midlife have on our sex lives, and much more.


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